Where flowers come from in Estonia

The Estonian flower market is a blooming world filled with fragrances and colors from all over the world. The country, though small in size, is open to the world’s diversity of plants. In this article, we will talk about where and what kind of flowers come from and how they become part of our daily life.

Main sources of imports

Estonia imports flowers from many countries, each of which is known for its unique varieties and species. Holland, Kenya, Ecuador and Colombia are the key exporters.

  • Holland is one of the largest exporters of flowers in the world, known for its tulips, which have become a symbol of the country. The Netherlands is also known for its flower auctions.
  • Kenya is especially known for its roses. With its warm climate and high altitude, the country provides ideal growing conditions. Exporting flowers is a significant part of Kenya’s economy.
  • Ecuador and Colombia: Known for their large and colorful roses as well as exotic plant species.

Each of these countries has made significant contributions to the global flower industry, specializing in different species and varieties, and using their unique climatic and geographic conditions to grow high-quality flowers.

Logistics and transportation

Shipping is a complex and sensitive process. They are transported in specialized conditions to preserve their freshness and beauty. Most of them are delivered by air, which reduces transportation time and the risk of damage.

Seasonality and variety

The variety of flowers imported to Estonia depends on the season. For example, tulips from Holland are popular in spring, roses from Kenya in summer, and exotic varieties from South America in fall and winter. This diversity allows flower stores to offer fresh flowers all year round.

Impact on the local market

Imports play a significant role in the country’s economy. Not only does it provide work for local flower stores, but it also contributes to local floriculture by encouraging the cultivation of unique local varieties.

Environmental aspect

The topic of ecology and sustainable development is becoming more and more relevant. Estonian plant importers and sellers are increasingly focusing on environmentally friendly methods of growing and transporting flowers in an effort to minimize their carbon footprint.


Flowers that come to Estonia from different parts of the world carry not only beauty and fragrance, but also the history of their distant countries. They make our lives brighter and remind us of the splendor and diversity of our planet’s nature.

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